Thursday, June 14, 2018

Blush Lacquer Waterlilies at Dusk

I don’t have much to say about this polish, but that is only because a) its beauty speaks for itself and b) it applied like a dream (like all the Blush Lacquers I’ve tried).
Waterlilies at Dusk is a multichrome holo polish that shifts from blue to purple to pink to gold.  The linear holo is strong and the tiny shifty flakies add just a little extra oomph to this polish.  It covered beautifully (I love the Blush brush) in two coats and dried quickly. Simply perfection in a bottle. 

Blush Lacquer Waterlilies at Dusk 

Blush Lacquer Waterlilies at Dusk mattified

This polish is not available as it was a limited release, but do head to the Blush website to view the available beauties.

Good night beauties!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Tonic Skittlette

Hello again.  One post yesterday and one today.  I am a busy beaver.  :)

Last week I wore this mani and I love, love, LOVED it!  Tonic Marilyn (red) and Novitiate are pretty in the bottle, but stunning on the nail.  There is a glow to them that just doesn’t translate in the bottle or on camera; you’ll have to trust me that they are even more gorgeous.  Novitiate’s shimmer shifts from turquoise to purple, which makes the polish quite dusty looking at times. Very unique.

Both polishes reached opacity in two coats.  Any streaks during application disappeared when the polish dried.  Phew.

I used Verklempt as an accent nail.  It is a silver linear holo slightly tinted blue with the most amazing shifting flakies.  I hope Lindsay comes out with a rainbow of holos with these flakies! 😜

Tonic Marilyn and Novitiate (sunlight)

Tonic Marilyn and Novitiate (shade)

Tonic Verklempt in the shade

Tonic Novitiate (left), Tonic Verklempt, Tonic Marylin

I will definitely be revisiting these shades in the future, especially in the summer.  Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Blush Lacquer You Don’t Take Art

I’ve got another beauty (actually, two of them) for you today, Blush Lacquer You Don’t Take Art.  Art was one of the May Polish Pickup offerings and I’m glad that I chose it. It’s reminiscent of Cirque Coronation, minus the UP shimmer and holo bits.  Such a rich and glowing purple!

Tonic Divine is also a stunning polish; she looks greyish, but angle your hand and she takes on a greenish cast.   Add in the pink-purple magnetic shimmer and she’s a chameleon.  Of course, the linear holo makes her even prettier.  Unfortunately, I lack the skills in making a sharp magnetic line, but I will practice and one day it will be more pronounced for you.

Blush Lacquer You Don’t Take Art
Tonic Polish Divine (accent nail)



Art was a one-time release and Divine is not on the Timic site at the moment, but if you feel like perusing the pretties, visit: Tonic Polish or Polish Pickup.

Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Don Deeva Lacquer Catastrophe

Happy spring-almost-summer!  It’s actually quite cool today; I’m wearing a long hoodie and leggings, which is a far cry from the shorts I was wearing last week. :)
I also have a head cold, which makes me put errands on the back burner.  Costco, who needs your myriad aisles of delicious treats, anyway?

Today I have the very unique Don Deeva CATastrophe.   CATastrophe, a white-to-red thermal flecked with green shimmer and multi chrome flakies, is a March 2018 Polish Pickup exclusive.  Polish Pickup is a platform which collaborates with fans to decide monthly polish themes (past months’ themes include science, fandoms, and books) and then offers the themed polishes from dozens of indie polish makers. It’s a veritable polish smorgasbord.  If this intrigues you, please visit Polish Pickup.

I used three coats of CATastrophe, though two would have sufficed. Polishing with light thermals has proven to be a bit tricky as the polish often changes mid-application, making it harder to see.   Nevertheless, the result was gorgeous.

Cold state of Don Deeva CATastrophe

Warm state of CATastrophe

Don Deeva CATastrophe

I might like it even more sans flakies. What do you think?  I do love flakies, but generally, the smaller, the better for me. I adore the shimmer though. Let’s see more thermals with that beautiful shimmer.

Have a good day!

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Pahlish Queen of Pentacles

Salut! It is Friday night in my neck of the woods and I am enjoying a glass of Syrah and waiting for my current mani to dry. What better time to post on my little blog than now?  If I am going to get back into blogging, I know I have to solidify my efforts and make time for it. Just as I have to do with reading and working out.  All good things in life take effort; I just have to say f*** it, get off my lazy caboose,  and start!  That is my wine-induced pep talk for the night. :)

I wore this mani earlier in the week and I must admit, though it’s not a linear holo (my favourite finish), the scattered holo effect from the flakes is gorgeous.  As is the purple shimmer and the olive green base.  The accent nail also matches the shimmer perfectly!  The one drawback is that the shimmer is not as strong on the nail, though it is there and surprises you with flashes every now and then.

Pahlish Queen of Pentacles
Picture Polish Orchid (accent nail)

I hope you have a wonderful night and are doing something you enjoy this weekend!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Test, test, check...

Wow! I think it’s high time that I practice my rusty blogging skills again. It’s been a crazy couple of years since I last blogged: my final babe has grown into a feisty, self-assured three year old; my youngest son is now in JK and I am one year away from re-entering the work force!  I still love to polish my nails as a means to relax at the end of the day (or if the wee one ever randomly naps); some things will never change.

I am going to be blogging on my phone as it’s easier to snap pics and use them as opposed to taking pics with my DSLR and then uploading the pics onto my laptop. But...I don’t know how the resolution will turn out. Here’s to hoping that my phone is good enough and the photos won’t turn out all grainy. :)

To start afresh, let’s look at my current mani, the beautifully hazy blue of Picture Polish London stamped with my new Lina stamping plate.  London covered my nails nicely in two coats and dried fairly quickly.  I love the scattered holo in this polish, which is funny because I prefer linear holo usually.

As for the stamping, I still need to practice how to press the image down straight without distortion (check out the starburst on my middle finger), but that is definitely user error and not a plate deficiency.   I can’t wait to try more images.

Left hand

Right hand

Ok, time to publish this and check it out on my laptop. 
Ciao Bella!


Saturday, March 26, 2016

Picture Polish Wanderlust

Hi Caitlyn! :)  Methinks you are my only reader, so why not send a shout out to you!?
I wore this crazy polish a few weeks ago; it's crazy because my camera (or my lack of skills) could not capture the accurate colour of the polish.  It is a deeper pink, but it definitely rocks purple tones.
This just looks hot pink!  Ah well.  It applied nicely in two coats, as do about 99% of PPs.  As for my accent nail, I'm not exactly sure, but I believe it is Glam Too Glam to Give a Damn.  Glam creates some awesome holo glitter creations, but after a while, the silver-based ones all begin to look alike. #firstworldproblems

Picture Polish Wanderlust (index, middle, pinky)
Glam Polish Too Glam to Give a Damn (ring) ??

A few months ago, I thought I would try a rounded nail shape; I'm not sure if I like it on me.  I think they would definitely look better on nails with longer nail beds.  Oh well.  Amazing thing about nails is that they grow out!  Have a wonderful Easter weekend. :)